Project Description

My client’s new house needed curb appeal for both her backyard and front yard due to the public walkway behind her house. She wanted privacy without making the yard feel smaller, as she came from a country yard and had to downsize her yard to get the house she wanted.
I used symmetry in my design to focus the attention on the front door- versus the garage doors which are currently so prominent. Flowering trees and strong hedging create structure and flow to the front entry creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.
Because my client is a photographer I wanted to create pretty vignettes throughout the yard that subtley create a separation between the neighboring yards, offering privacy without making the yard feel smaller, while creating a nice backdrop for her photos.

full landscape plan
frontyard closer look
backyard closer look

Construction of aged brick walkways, patios and brick front porch to begin early spring 2014 with planting shortly after. Pictures to follow.