Project Description

The concept of this project was  to mimic the proportions of the existing pool in the new landscape design. I’ve used green walls of cedars, underplanted with hydrangeas and groundcovers to soften the hardscape and narrowly focus the view to the pool- with ‘secret’ passageways to other areas of the yard. This will make the yard seem bigger- because of the succession of outside “rooms”. Keeping plantings simple will help patio and pool appear as one element, drawing attention to pops of colour in pots, etc throughout the yard, this helps to create a relaxing space, that won’t appear busy even with all the different activities occurring in the outside space.

initial landscape plan 6-8ft pyramidal cedars around the pool add a deep green colour, along with height and texture which makes the pool area feel like a room within the yard, with planned views to vignettes around the yard. White hydrangeas will flop and soften the structure of the cedars and the edges of the pool, which will help it feel natural and integrated with the site. The white will pop in the shade at the back of the yard, and will help tie in the house colour with the landscape,(white, brick red and green) creating a a cohesive outside space.

In construction phase currently, more information to follow so