Project Description

My clients wanted to create a gorgeous landscape out of their grassy acreage, while creating a strong focus on the front door. Along with some other design dilemmas that could be solved through plantings and some tweaks to the house.The overall aesthetic of the house and property is a european landscape with an overall feeling of history and time, while using new plantings in juxtaposition to aged brick and planters. Creating a romantic landscape in all seasons that will only get better with age.

starbuck acreage concept

overall plan

front entry detail

The potential of the lot is amazing and is already quite beautiful, but with visual focal points and vignettes throughout the yard it will create a balance within the yard and bring it to a more human scale, creating a sense of place and fantastic views from every window in the house.Just because you live in the country doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have curb appeal, with the new design the focal point of the yard is the front door, crucial in creating a strong sense of direction for guests, and a beautiful entry for the homeowners.