Elm Creek Renovation

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After over 2 years of hard work our renovation is finished, and will be listed within the next few weeks.
It’ll be sad to see this place sell to someone else, but we are all too emotionally invested at this point and have to cut ties, so we can move on to bigger and better […]

Custom House Plan


My clients wanted a custom house plan with character, and fantastic views to take in their lovely site in the country. Every detail in the space was specified to their unique family needs, with lots of small tweaks to make it perfect for them.


Construction to begin Summer 2014.

custom house plan on an acreage

Sprawling bungalow on 2 acres on the outskirts of Carman. Construction to begin in 2014.

Front entry/Garage Addition

This front entry and garage addition project is still in the design development phase, I’m working¬†out details of windows, and overall scale. The proposed addition will not only add more living space but better flow into the house, with a requested overall Victorian aesthetic. ¬†The house currently has only one side door with no […]

Garage/Front Entry Addition

This project consisted of transforming a construction grade RTM into a custom home with an added garage and focal point front entry. The project was to bring the exterior to a more human scale, providing a strong, focal entry point as you drive up the house so there is no confusion about which door […]