Elm Creek Renovation

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After over 2 years of hard work our renovation is finished, and will be listed within the next few weeks.
It’ll be sad to see this place sell to someone else, but we are all too emotionally invested at this point and have to cut ties, so we can move on to bigger and better […]

Adding Curb Appeal

My client’s new house needed curb appeal for both her backyard and front yard due to the public walkway behind her house. She wanted privacy without making the yard feel smaller, as she came from a country yard and had to downsize her yard to get the house she wanted.
I used symmetry in my […]

Notre Dame Landscape Redesign

This project consisted of fixing design mistakes of a previous landscape designer. Many plants were overgrown, killed off from disease or not flowering due to location and soil conditions. My clients wanted a simple fix, something that didn’t require days of labour or years for plant results. I went with hardy plants, with high […]

Adding Curb Appeal

My client wanted to add curb appeal and a bit of privacy from the busy street and pedestrians, on a tight budget.  I used strict symmetry to draw the focus on the front door, and created a garden separation from the pedestrian sidewalk, which helps to delineate private and public space in a soft […]

Backyard/ Pool Landscape Plan

The concept of this project was  to mimic the proportions of the existing pool in the new landscape design. I’ve used green walls of cedars, underplanted with hydrangeas and groundcovers to soften the hardscape and narrowly focus the view to the pool- with ‘secret’ passageways to other areas of the yard. This will make […]

Lorette Landscape Design

My clients wanted a landscape plan that they could do themselves in stages over the years. Their acreage had tons of potential, but with currently dying tree windbreaks and few specimen trees on the property revealing views of neighboring yards, it didn’t quite meet their secluded expectations of living outside of the city. So […]

‘European Countryside’ Acreage Design

My clients wanted to create a gorgeous landscape out of their grassy acreage, while creating a strong focus on the front door. Along with some other design dilemmas that could be solved through plantings and some tweaks to the house.The overall aesthetic of the house and property is a european landscape with an overall […]

L’Angelous Antiques

This garden was inspired by the French antiques that fill the newly refurbished shop, L’Angelous. The new landscape enhances the French aesthetic with structured boxwood outlining lush white hydrangeas and lavender, along with a meandering gravel path and bird bath this adds a unique experience to the newly opened antique store. Fresh cut flowers […]