Elm Creek Renovation

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After over 2 years of hard work our renovation is finished, and will be listed within the next few weeks.
It’ll be sad to see this place sell to someone else, but we are all too emotionally invested at this point and have to cut ties, so we can move on to bigger and better […]

Midcentury Modern Master Bedroom Renovation


My clients have a love for midcentury design, their house has been renovated extensively to fit this particular design period, except their master bedroom. It was important to evoke the feeling of the period without it feeling dated or like a design “theme”, so I used design elements that are still contemporary today, with […]

Basement Renovation

For this project my clients were running out of space on their main floor and really wanted a space for the kids, while still feeling cozy enough to watch a movie as a family. ¬†Because it was a blank slate, and there was quite a few possibilities, I wanted to show them different spatial […]

Basement Renovation

My clients wanted to finally finish their basement because they were quickly running out of room for the kids and themselves on the main floor. They wanted a space that the kids could go and run around, play with their toys while allowing for their own adult space- toy free- upstairs.
The architectural necessities ¬†for […]